The up-to-date waiting list

The following commissions are currently on my waiting list and will be drawn in order of appearance:

  1. Icon (Great Dane - A3 size - client: Marije)
  2. Sunny & Riddick (Great Danes - double portrait - A2 size - client: Brian)
  3. Barney (Malinois X Dutch Shepherd - A3 size - client: Joyce)
  4. Surprise commission (dog - A3 size)
  5. Finn (Terrier - A4 size - client: Anna)
  6. Dino (Great Dane - A4 size - client: Corine)
  7. Doerak (Great Dane - A4 size - client: Corine)
  8. Dax (Great Dane - A4 size - client: Corine)
  9. Denzel (Great Dane - A4 size - client: Corine)
  10. Dubai (Great Dane - A4 size - client: Corine)
  11. Thor (Great Dane - A3 size - client: Rosanna)

Last updated: 6 August 2018

Latest finished portrait: Ella (Great Dane - A3 size)

Currently on my drawing table: Icon (Great Dane)

important additional information:

It usually takes me up to a month to draw a portrait, so please keep that in mind when placing an order. The waiting list is there to give you an idea of how long it will take before I will start on your commission. For example; if you place your order when there are 6 commissions on the waiting list, it will be about 6 months before I will start working on your portrait. I will notify you just as soon as I started!


Please note that your commission will only be placed on this waitinglist after I've received your $50 deposit!


Should you have a specific date in mind when you would like to have the portrait finished (i.e. you want to give it as a present), please get in touch! Maybe we can work something out: