Terms and conditions - art by Talitha

A digital copy of your commissioned portrait will be permanently kept by myself in my portfolio and used on my art websites and other websites, including Facebook, as well as possibly being used for Art by Talitha merchandise or in promotional media such as posters, advertising flyers, etc. If you have any objection to any part of this statement, please let me know within one (1) month after receiving your portrait.


Whilst the original artwork is now owned by you, the copyright license remains with the artist – Art by Talitha (Talitha Spaink). This means that you may not make a printed copy of the artwork, particularly for financial gain, without first seeking Art by Talitha's permission. You can of course share a digital image of the artwork, with social media websites like Facebook for example, though I do kindly ask that a mention of ‘Art by Talitha’ is made.


Your portrait has been made with PanPastel and a fixative has not been used since PanPastel doesn’t require this. You do however need to handle your drawing with care; rolling up the drawing may cause it to blur and smooch. Also make sure to have clean hands before touching the drawing and make sure to clean your hands afterwards; although PanPastel doesn’t cause permanent stains, it does stain.


Since PanPastel has excellent lightfastness your portrait will most likely last a lifetime without fading, provided it is hung out of direct sunlight. To ensure it lasts a lifetime I do recommend that the drawing is mounted in a frame.


Art by Talitha reserves the right to alter prices at any time, without prior notice. Prices may change and offers may be withdrawn at any time.


All prices shown on the website are in either € (Euro) or $ (American Dollar) and are inclusive of VAT.


Although I try to ensure all prices displayed on my website are accurate, errors may sometimes occur. If I discover an error in the price of an item you have ordered, I will contact you as soon as possible. You will have the option to reconfirm your order at the correct price or cancel it. If I am unable to contact you, I may treat your order, in respect of the incorrectly priced item, as cancelled. 


Refunds on deposits will not be issued when cancelling your commission before completion. Refunds on finished commissioned portraits will also not be issued.