"Sometimes, when you look into your dogs eyes,

you find the missing part of yourself"


If you are looking for someone to create a lifelike drawing of your dog

that captures their soul, you've come to the right place. 


My dog drawings are know for the eyes...

the mirror of the soul...


A unique drawing of your dog can be a very comforting piece of art to have on your wall. It is far more original than a photograph, but then again the dog drawing should perferctly resemble your dog and his or her soul and spirit.

Unique drawings for your unique dogs.


I have tought myself to draw dogs in soft pastel, PanPastel to be exact.

Panpastel is a medium that is very much like paint, but without being fluid. So it doesn't need to dry and it works very well with erasers.

Pastel dog art lasts a lifetime and is lightfast.


I create all my dog drawings by only using black PanPastel and snowy white Clairefontaine Dessin à Grain paper. That way the dog drawing clearly shows all the specific features your precious dog has or had...


I can proudly say that I have received the most wonderful feedback from my clients, as you can also read here and on my Facebook page


I don't limit myself by only creating dog drawings; you can contact me for any kind of pet drawings. I have made unique drawings of horses and cats too.

But I do admit that my main focus is on dogs... 


Dog drawings with a soul - Art by Talitha