#2 Something's missing..

After several months of practicing drawing with charcoal, I noticed that there was something missing in my drawings. The charcoal just didn't do what I wanted it to do; I wanted black to really be intense black and the charcoal left me with a darkish grey. Besides that I wanted the dogs to look soft and shiny and charcoal gave them a somewhat coarse finish, Hmmm, what to do...


I decided to pay another visit to the art store and present the store clerk with my problem. They suggested I'd give PanPastel a try. A totally different medium, in no way comparable with charcoal, but since I was only just beginning to experience I decided to give it a try. Of course that meant buying way more stuff than I planned on (special drawing sponges, several erasers, special paper) and so I left the store with an empty wallet, but with a bag filled with new art supplies. Now I know why it's called 'paying a visit'!


Once I got home I immediately unpacked my new supplies and started on my first ever PanPastel drawing. I must say it was quite a challenge to do the full portrait in PanPastel, since the medium is most frequently used to fill out large sections only and not to do small detailed work. I had to be inventive, but managed to create my own tools to get the detailing done. The result was exactly what I hoped it would be; a smooth, soft looking Great Dane puppy!


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